Y-Guy, This Isn't Your Life (also known as Y-Guy's Choice or Y-Guy's Final Episode in some countries) is the one-hour long series finale of Y-Guy. The plot is that Y-Guy is selected to be in a movie, and he might have to move out of Crazville. But when he moves, he realizes that friends are more important than fame, and tries to get back to Crazville. Meanwhile, Professor Carrotstein and RACK discover that Y-Guy is out of town, so they decide to attack Crazville using all of their inventions.

Season 14, Episode 238
Vital statistics
Air date April 24, 2015
Written by IAmBagel, Invader Rob, SuperSaiyanKirby, MattBoo, HomestarSB9
Directed by IAmBagel
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Tonsils None (Y-Guy)

High School (Y-Guy Reborn!)


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Y-Guy: Before we start this episode, we would like to say something

Mango: THIS IS THE END! *starts to cry*

Hearty: So we hope you enjoy this series finale,

Y-Guy: *holds up sign that says "Is it really the end?"*

Gum: Well, here it is!


Y-Guy: Enjoy! and thanks for being with us! 

GIR: Guess who made waffles?

Mango: Your in the wrong show, dude.

GIR: *professor voice* Oh, sorry *walks away*



  • This is the series finale of Y-Guy
  • This episode was made to celebrate Y-Guy's 15 anniversary.
  • Raisin Chains is a parody of Raising Canes, a popular chicken restaurant.
  • When Y-Guy and the gang go to Rasin Chains, the background changes repatedly through the scene.
  • This is the first time Crazville's town ID number is seen, "14674".
  • Every single villian from the show appears in this episode during the giant Crazville Battle Scene.
  • In fact, every character who has appeared in the series appears in the giant Crazville Battle Scene.
  • It states in a newspaper that Byrce McMillions was eaten by wild boars, but he later appears in the episode.
  • During the Crazville Battle Scene, Professor Carrotstein sings "Everybody Wants To Rule The World".