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The ACS Anime: The Clash In The Snow! The Fight For Osaka!
Written by Chaossy
Distributed by RaGE Media Group
Release date(s) January 3rd, 2015 (Anime Con 2015 Preview) January 23rd, 2015 (Theater premiere)
Country Japan
Running time 127 minutes
Language English (USA, UK, Canada, Southeast Asia)
Japanese (Japan)
Japanese w/ English (or country language) subtitles (South Korea, Netherlands & Flanders, International)

The ACS Anime: The Clash In The Snow! The Fight For Osaka! is a Japanese anime feature film. It premiered on all AniNick channels on January 18th, 2015. It was then released in theaters starting January 23rd. It then aired on KM TV on February 15th, 2015.

Synopsis Edit

Josh and Rei woke up and they kissed each other. "Morning sunshine." Josh said to Rei and she giggled. "Morning handsome." Rei stood up and she undressed and Josh followed as they took a shower.
Web wakes up as well and he looked outside the window. "Snowing...wonderful." Fiah was in the kitchen making breakfast for everybody. Web came in the dining room. "Pancakes with sausage?" Web asked Fiah. "Yup!" Fiah chuckled as he made a plateful of pancakes already.
Rei exited the shower first, putting on a bra and panties and walking to the kitchen. A few seconds later, Josh comes out and puts on boxers. He walks to the kitchen and wraps his arms around Rei, and Rei sits on Josh's lap.
"It's great we finally had a day where we don't have to kill anyone." Fiah said as he finished making a second plate of pancakes. Fiah passed out plates full of pancakes and the whole crew ate them all. Web stood up. "We are going to Osaka today for a special assignment. We are going to be on escort detail."
Rei sighed. "Alright.." She got up and Josh followed, holding her hand. Fiah went to the armory with Web. "Let's hope we don't have to kill anyone."
[ACS Anime Film Opening]

Parental Guide Ratings Edit

United States Edit

  • R: Nudity, Language, and Bloody Violence

Canada Edit

  • 18A: Violence, Nudity, Coarse Language. (Most parts of Canada)
  • 16+: Violence, Nudity, Coarse Language. (Quebec)

Japan Edit

  • R15+: Violence, Language, Nudity.

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