Season 2, Episode 68
Vital statistics
Air date December 22, 2011 (Part 1)
December 23, 2011 (Part 2)
December 24, 2011 (Part 3)
December 25, 2011 (Part 4)
Written by Butch Hartman, John A. Davis, Craig McCracken, Sam Register, Stephen Hillenburg, Nintendo, Bob Holt, Mike Adair, Lauren Faust, Rovio, David Horhath, SuperSaiyanKirby, James Kochalka, Yvette Kaplan, Paul Germain, Fred Seibert, Dan Schneider, Pedro Martin, Tom Ruegger, Steven Spielberg, Jackiechan1212, Jeff Kiney, Amy Winfrey, Matthew Stone, Steve Purcell, John Krisfaluci, Mark Bishop, Greg Ford, Tony Collingwood
Directed by Matthew Stone
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Porky and Hamton Get "Hammed" No Thomas The Tank Engine Allowed

Merry Nick-mas is the 68th episode of Living in the NICK House: Better Edition. Everyone celebrates the holidays. Meanwhile, Bubbles waits for the arrival of Santa Claus.


Pac-man jr: Santa is almost here. It is Christmas eve!

Mattboo: I can almost smell the candy.

Kirby: This is so Awesome!!!

Spongebob: I know right!

Matthew: And i got something for all of us.

(Matthew uncovers the tart.

Matthew: A HOTTUB!!!!

Homestar Runner: WOW!!!!

U.B: How much did it cost?

Matthew: Not even a penny!

Yoshi: Than how did you get it?

Matthew: I won a Contest!

Andy: Thats awesome!!!

Hoops: I call dibs!!

YoYo: I call dibs two.

Meanwhile In the evil lab.....

Woody (singing): Christmas time is almost here! It'll be something not totally weird! It's just something so merry! But I'm not a canary!

(Woody goes outside and pecks a tree, making it a wooden sculpture of Santa Claus.)

Woody: Santa Claus is almost here! (laughs)


Foghorn: Son, I say, son! You oughta put some snow gear on! Now pay attention, son! I'm not joking!



ZUKO(suzon) is awesome

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