Meanie in a Bottle is the eighth Nicky episode.


Shows Brandon on the bus.

Brandon: See ya,Eli!

Eli: Bye. Oh,WAIT!!

Brandon: Wha--!? Why?

Eli: Some creep gave this to me the other day. He said it has a genie in it,but I don't believe him. Here,you can have it!

Brandon: Thanks!

Brandon hops off the bus.


Nicky charges into Brandon.

Brandon: My spleen!

Nicky: Sowwy.

Mrs. Tinguely: Hello,honey! What do you have there?

Brandon: A lava lamp. It has a so called "Genie" in it.

Mrs. Tinguely: I thought you didn't believe in genies!

Brandon: I don't.

Mrs. Tinguely: Hmm. You should go study that....

Brandon: Yes!

Mrs. Tinguely: With your brother.

Brandon: No!

Mrs. Tinguely: Come on,it'll be fun!

Brandon: Fine.


Brandon: Okay,Nick! Follow me....TO THE LAB!

5 Hours Later.......

Nicky: Otay,what's it do!

Brandon: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...I think we have a Code Purple.

Nicky: Tode Purple?

Brandon: Yep. An.....................................ORDINARY LAVA LAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicky: Derp.

Brandon: Pft. There's no genie in ther....

Nicky rubs the lamp,and a Genie comes out.

Brandon: Oh.

Nicky: My.

Genie: GENIE! Mwahahahahahhaha!!! I AM FREE!!!!!!!!!!

Brandon: Stop.

Genie: That's your 1st wish! Sorry. Oh,by the way,i'm the EVIL..............GUY!

Guy: I'm evil.....and i'm Guy!

Nicky: You don't seem tooooo eviw.

Guy: Twerp,try and find out!

Brandon: Don't. Let's put him back in the bottle.

Guy: Nope! MWAHAHAHA! You still haven't wished your 3 other wishes.

Nicky: Me wish,that you do away.

Guy: What?

Brandon: He wishes that you'll go away!

Guy: Okay,you'll go away!

Guy teleports Brandon away.

Nicky: Dimme my bwother back!


Nicky is teleported to another dimension,that's completely empty.

Brandon: Your here! Phew,I thought i was lost...FOREVER!!

Nicky: Meanie! I hate dat gewnie!

Brandon: I do too,but we'll have to use our last wish. I wish things were back to normal.

Guy: Normal? NOOOOOOOO!!! That means i'll have to go back in that cramped lava lamp!

Nicky: U has too! GRRRRRRRRRR!!

Guy: Fine.

Brandon and Nicky are transported back to their home,and Guy goes back into his lamp.

Nicky: Dee end!!