Season 1, Episode 3
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Air date June 8, 2012
Written by Robilist
Directed by Robilist
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Nice to Meet You Hold the Invites, Please
GLaDOS vs. Rob is the third episode of SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures on Nickelodeon. In this episode, Invader Rob invades Aperture Science and GLaDOS gets angry at him, so she attempts to bring up neurotoxin to his home. The episode premiered on June 8, 2012. This episode is referred to as "Rob Invades Science" on Cartoon Network/Hub/Nicktoons's viewing guide.




  • Invader Rob
  • SuperSaiyanKirby
  • GLaDOS*
  • Random SIR
  • Sidney*
  • Casy*

Previously On...Edit

Narrator: Previously on SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures, SuperSaiyanKirby, with the help of his new-found friends, deafete LT Fan and Plankton. But then, Stelios7 appears and is proud of him. Is this new friend-ship just begining, you will find out, soon!

[Intro Starts]

[Intro Ends]

[The episode's title card appears]

Invading Aperture ScienceEdit

[Invader Rob is seen by the Aperture Science building]

Invader Rob: Random SIR!, Hand me the rench!

[Random SIR hands Invader Rob some ranch]

Random SIR: M,m,m,m,m....TOASTY!

Invader Rob: I said rench, not ranch Random SIR!

Random SIR: So, what did I eat last night?

Invader Rob: [sighs] If only you could be like a REAL SIR...

[The back part of the building explodes]

Invader Rob: VICTORY!, Now, let's get that liquid! We need it to destroy those stupid Nick Jr's! And while were at it, we can invade their labs!

[Invader Rob and Random SIR run into the back side of the building]

Invader Rob's BaseEdit

[Sidney is trying to teach Casy how to play checkers]

Sidney: Now, you...

[The base's doors opens and Invader Rob and Random SIR come out.]

Invader Rob: Sidney!, It's time to test this liquid!

Sidney: I'll be back Casy, go play with your toys in your room.

Casy: Ok!

[Casy walks to her room]

Sidney: So what's up?

Invader Rob: Me and Random SIR found out that Aperture Science was testing a liquid that could melt Nick Jr's, I couldn't past an chance like this, so I took it!

Random SIR: Don't you mean stole it?


GLaDOS's ReavangeEdit

[A robot walks out of the back side of the building]

GLaDOS: That stupid Irken!, Steal liquid from OUR labs, I don't think so! I will get my reavange on him!

[GLaDOS goes back inside and goes into the Dangerous Fuel's Room, where she finds some neurotoxin]

GLaDOS: Perfect!, I will go to his house and trick him into be-friending me and I will use this on him and his family! HA-HA-HA-HA!!!

SuperSaiyanKirby's CastleEdit

[SuperSaiyanKirby is all by himself in the castle, playing with some toy soldiers]

SuperSaiyanKirby: I knew I shouldn't have gave all the Waddle Dee Soldiers the day off!, And the others are playing Hockey in HockeyLand, I knew I should have went with them! Hmmm, [thinks] ...well, Rob didn't go with them because he said he had to do something important!, He's kinda weird but, what choice do I have?

[SuperSaiyanKirby walks out of the Castle and head for Invader Rob's Base]

Back at Invader Rob's BaseEdit

[Invader Rob is walking all around, waiting for a robot handle to grab the liquid that can melt Nick Jr's.]

Invader Rob: COME ON!!!

[All of the sudden, the base's bell rings]

Invader Rob: Somebody get that for me!

Random SIR: I GOT IT!

[Random SIR runs to the base's door (The "Bench"), and opens it]

Random SIR: Hello?

SuperSaiyanKirby: Hey Random SIR, is Rob home?

Random SIR: Yep! Wait,... I dunno!

SuperSaiyanKirby: Well, can I come in?

[Random SIR checks the Base; It is a mess.]

Random SIR: ...OK!

Invader Rob: [Walks up to SuperSaiyanKirby] Hey SuperSaiyaKirby! Why have you come here?

SuperSaiyanKirby: Well...

[The base's rings again]

Invader Rob: Ugh!, More company?

[Invader Rob opens the door]

Invader Rob: Hello?

GLaDOS: Hello, my name is....uh.... [looks at SuperSaiyaKirby], Ms. Meat, may I come in?

Invader Rob: Your a robot! You have more deatale than my SIR!

Casy: [Walks up to the door with Sidney] OH!, Robot Santa has come!

Sidney: Um, it's not Christmas yet, Casy.

SuperSaiyanKirby: Hey!, Haven't I seem you from somewhere?


SuperSaiyanKirby: It's GLaDOS!

Invader Rob: Who's GLaDOS? That robot?

SuperSaiyanKirby: Yes! And she has neurotoxin! Rob!, Did you steal somethig from her?

Invader Rob: Hmmm, [Looks at the glass of liquid in one of his machines], NOPE!


Invader Rob: Lies!, I took it!

GLaDOS: You stole it!, And if you don't give it back to me, I'm going to make this neurotoxin explode!

[GLaDOS sets the bomb on two minutes]

SuperSaiyanKirby: Oh no!

Melting The BombEdit

SuperSaiyanKirby: What are we gonna do!?

Invader Rob: Contact the others?

SuperSaiyanKirby: There's no time!

Casy: AH!!!!!

Sidney: Hurry Casy, get out of here! Me and daddy will handle this!

[Casy runs screaming, and runs through the back door of the base]

Random SIR: We need to use some kind of melt liquid to melt it! PARTY TIME!!! Lol, I love saying that!

GLaDOS: I better get out of here!

[GLaDOS runs out of the bench and runs away]

Sidney: Rob!, We need to use that liquid you stole!


Sidney: Whatever, just use the liquid!

Invader Rob: But...

SuperSaiyanKirby: Please do it Rob!

Invader Rob: ....uh.... [looks at bomb and liquid from the machine] OK! I'll do it!

[Invader Rob runs over to the machine and picks it up]


Everyone: AH!!!!

[Invader Rob spills the liquid on the bomb; The bomb melts]

Invader Rob: Well, guess I won't be destroing the Nick Jr's anytime soon... [sighs]

SuperSaiyanKirby: It's ok Rob!, You did the right thing!

Dinner Time!Edit

[Invader Rob gets dinner ready for a celebration that he just saved his base and possibly Nicktropolis.]


Sidney: Yeah, it's also good that you hide in that bomb-prof box.

Casy: It was hot in there!

SuperSaiyanKirby: Hey Rob.

Invader Rob: Yes?

SuperSaiyanKirby: You did the right thing! You saved Nicktropolis, but you sactraficed that liquid!

Invader Rob: Yeah, I guess.

SuperSaiyanKirby: I just hope we don't see her again.

Random SIR: [Singing in background] You are meh taco, my rising taco, and how I like you, and your awsome cheese!

Invader Rob: Who was she anyway?

SuperSaiyanKirby: LONG story, I'll tell you when I get the chance. But I have to go back to the castle. Bye!

[SuperSaiyanKirby flies out the bench door and home as Invader Rob waves goodbye]


[Invader Rob closes the door bench behind him, wich says "The End"]

Next Time...Edit

Narrator: Next Time on SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures!, SuperSaiyanKirby gets two tickets from Stelios7 for the upcoming "Nickcoming" Prom. But, when his friends want the tickets, he has stress figuring out who to give the second ticket to. Will he pick MattBoo?, What about Kirby?, Or maybe Y-Guy or Invader Rob! Who will he give the ticket to, find out, next time on SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures!

Voice castEdit

  • Robilist and Richard Horvitz as Invader Rob
  • SuperSaiyanKirby as himself
  • Ellen McLain as GLaDOS $
  • Rosearki Rikki Simmons as Random SIR
  • Tara Strong as Sidney
  • Kath Soucie as Casy

Note: $ means that McLain's voice was autotuned in order for her to provide her voice.


  • This marks as the first episode where MattBoo doesn't appear (even though he WAS mentioned at the very end of the episode).

Easter Egg(s)Edit

  • In scenes that take place in Invader Rob's Base, random images would appear on the computer. This wasn't done in the previous episodes, thus making this the first episode to do this. This would continue for the rest of the series. Some of the pictures that is recognizable is the Black Mesa logo (Half-Life series), a army of Daleks (Doctor Who), and High-Five Ghost (Regular Show)
  • There are "hidden Companion Cubes" in the backgrounds of scenes. There are a total of 72 cubes in this episode.

Episode detailsEdit

Episode details
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GLaDOS vs. Rob June 8, 2012 24:01 2.8