Season 3, Episode 66
Vital statistics
Air date January 1, 2014
Written by SuperSaiyanKirby
Directed by SuperSaiyanKirby
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Heffalumps and Woozles SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures: The Movie!

Follow the Animal is the sixty-sixth episode of SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures. In this episode, Animal Crossing Leader temporarily comes to SuperSaiyanKirby's castle to live in it, and he decides to make a few changes. Meanwhile, Jappleack comes to town and throws apples at SuperSaiyanKirby's friends. The episode aired on January 1, 2014.



  • SuperSaiyanKirby
  • MattBoo
  • Invader Rob
  • Collector
  • Y-Guy
  • Mango
  • Kirby
  • Yoshi
  • Waddle Dee Soldier
  • Stelios7
  • Animal Crossing Leader*
  • Jappleack*

Previously on...Edit

Narrator: Previously on SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures, GLaDOS has a nightmare about Heffalumps and Woozles destoying science since Invader Rob said that Heffalumps and Woozles destroy science.

[Intro Starts]

[Intro Ends]

[The episode's title card is shown]

SuperSaiyanKirby's CastleEdit

[SuperSaiyanKirby is in his castle, waiting for a letter from Stelios7 to come to him.]

SuperSaiyanKirby: Where is that letter?

Waddle Dee Soldier: LETTER FROM STELIOS--

SuperSaiyanKirby: FINALLY!

[SuperSaiyanKirby takes the letter from Waddle Dee Soldier.]

Waddle Dee Soldier: Papercut!

[SuperSaiyanKirby reads the letter quickly, and then slows down towards the end.]

SuperSaiyanKirby: ...Now, for a few days, my co-partner, Animal Crossing Leader, has to move in to your castle for a short time because of pest control. There is no room in my castle, so I hope this will work out perfectly! From, Stelios7.

[Waddle Dee Soldier gets a bandage for his papercut.]

Waddle Dee Soldier: Animal Crossing Leader? What's he like?

SuperSaiyanKirby: He's a nice person. It will be good for him to be here for a few day. I wonder when he gets here.

[Animal Crossing Leader comes through the doors.]

Animal Crossing Leader: Oh, hello. I'm here.

[Waddle Dee Soldier checks his watch.]

Waddle Dee Soldier: Two seconds.


(the screen shows a peaceful green feld, but then a flash of lighting hits it. Out of the lighting is Jappleack Knocked Out, but then she wakes.)

Jappleack: Ugh, where did the apples send me now? (Sees Nicktropolis) This isn't a Ponyville, or is it? Well I realey need some more apples to eat. (Gets up and walks to Nicktropolis).

Y-Guy: *spots Jappleack* Welcome to Nicktropilis!

Jappleack: I DON'T NEED YOUR TOURIST ATTRACTION! *throws apple at Y-Guy*

Y-Guy: OW! And, hey! Free apple! *eats apple*

MattBoo: Why, hello there! What's your nam-

Jappleack: *throws apple at MattBoo*

MattBoo: OW! What was that for?

Jappleack: No one gets close to my apples!

MattBoo: I don't see apples anywhere!

Jappleack: You are standing next to them!

(MattBoo sees that he's standing next to a pile of apples, with a sign next to them that says "Jappleack's Apples! Do Not Do Anything With Them!")

MattBoo: Oh.

Animal Crossing LeaderEdit

Animal Crossing Leader: My, my, dear SuperSaiyanKirby. You have ruled your castle very well.

SuperSaiyanKirby: Thanks!

Animal Crossing Leader: Hmm...

SuperSaiyanKirby: Something wrong?

Animal Crossing Leader: The castle's wallpaper is white. That's not good for Nicktropolis. I can change that.

[Animal Crossing Leader claps his hands, and his soldiers repaint the castle to orange.]

Waddle Dee Soldier: TOO MUCH ORANGE!

Animal Crossing Leader: Well, I suppose that while I'm here, I can make some changes.

SuperSaiyanKirby: B-but I'm the one who commissions changes to Nicktropolis!

Animal Crossing Leader: Don't worry, these changes... might... be temporary.

SuperSaiyanKirby: MIGHT?!

Animal Crossing Leader: Let's start with the sign and statues, shall we?

Collector and JappleackEdit

(Collector's walking and whistling around where Jappleack is and she throws and apple at him. But Collector catchs it).

Collector: Nice throw!

Jappleack: STAY OFF MY BABIES! (Collector looks down to see the Apple patch).

Collector: I'll leave'm alone. Nice little patch you got there.

Jappleack: 0_0 Thanks. Nice catch to, for a lazy city fok.

Collector: I'm not lazy. I'm always walking around here when I'm not taking care of that brat Angelica or fireing Guns. Want this back? (Holds out his hand to reavel the apple that he caught).

Jappleack: SURE! (Snatchs the apple out of Collector's hand).

Jappleack (While eating the apple): You might be the only guy I'll get to know around here who doesn't mess with my apples.

(Mattboo jumps out of a bush)

Mattboo: Woah, woah, Collector? Don't you see that pony is mean and will probably K.O you with here apples?

Jappleack: You again! (Throws apple at Mattboo and it hits him).

Collector: Sorry Mattboo, that's what you get if you don't step on her apples.

Jappleack: Yep. (Eats an Apple)

Things get WorseEdit

When SSK Comes back


Animal Crossing Leader: I Simply made them larger, with Stelios7 pictures instead of SuperSaiyanKirby pictures.

SuperSaiyanKirby: BUT I OWN THIS PLACE!

Animal Crossing Leader: Yeah, but he still is the ruler of EVERYTHING!

SuperSaiyanKirby: Good point, there. TBA

Green AppleEdit


Collector: Huh?

Jappleack: THAT! (Points to a green apple).

Collector: So? It's just a Granny Smith Apple.

Jappleack: BUT I HATE THEM.

Collector: Can I eat it? I love this kind.

Jappleack: As long as it's outta my sight! (Hands Collector the apple and he eats it). Thanks!

Collector: No prob. (Mattboo falls from a tree)

Mattboo: Where...where am I? (Jappleack throws anoter apple at Mattboo.) Oh yeah, that again.

Mango: *randomly appears out of nowhere* GRREEENNNN AAAAPPPPLLLLEESSS!!!! *mouth starts foaming*

[Mango grabs the Granny Smith Apple tree and runs off with it]

Collector: What the? OH NO YOU DIDN'T! (Collector pulls out M1911 and goes after Mango).

[Voice is heard]

Mattboo: What the?

Invader Rob: Hey Matt! (Jappleack trows apple at Invader Rob) OW! What was that for?

MattBoo: Red apple beside you.

(Invader Rob sees that he's standing next to an apple that says "Red apple beside you".)

Invader Rob: Oh... Well, at least you didn't get hit in the head with an apple this--

(MattBoo is hit on the head with an apple.)

MattBoo: OW!

Invader Rob: Nevermind. Anyways, let's find Mango!

"Animal Crossing Leader's" CastleEdit

SuperSaiyanKirby: You did WHAT?!

Animal Crossing Leader: I turned your castle into my castle!

SuperSaiyanKirby: B-but your castle is overrun with pest.

Animal Crossing Leader: It is now your castle.

[Animal Crossing Leader walks into "his" castle.]

SuperSaiyanKirby: You don't understand! A king's castle is supposed to be in their kingdom! I can't live in your castle!

[The doors close.]

SuperSaiyanKirby: Where will I sleep?

Animal Crossing Leader: Sleep outside like a hobo!

[Then, it suddenly rains.]

SuperSaiyanKirby: It's raining!

[Animal Crossing Leader throws Waddle Dee Soldier out the window, with a tent, and a blanket.]

Animal Crossing Leader: Take that with you!

[SuperSaiyanKirby sighs.]

The GhostsEdit

(The group follow Mango to "The Abandoned Cave of Ghouls".)

Collector: We got you surrounded now, Mango!

(Mango then presses a button beside him that says, "Elevator". After he presses a button, an elevator door opens. Mango enters the elevator, and the elevator goes down. The group then see a set of stairs.)

(Mango exits the elevator when on a different floor. His eyes close as he passes out. At the same time, a ghost comes out of his body and grabs the Granny Smith Apple tree.)

Collector: *pants* ...Man, there were a lot of stairs.

(The group sees the 3 ghosts.)

Ghost 2: I have completed my mission, sir!

Ghost 1: Excellent! Soon all the apples in the world will be all ours!

(The 3 ghosts laugh.)

Ghost 3: Is that green thing an apple.

Ghost 2: Negative. It's a mango!

Ghost 1: Who eats Mangos?

Y-Guy: That is uncalled for!


(Alarms go off, as the ghosts head over to where the gang is hiding.)

Jappleack: Great going, letter-guy.

Y-Guy: It's Y-Guy!

Outside the CastleEdit

(SuperSaiyanKirby tries to set up the tent, but fails.)

SuperSaiyanKirby: If only he gave us a book about setting up tents!

Waddle Dee Soldier: Sir, it's cold.

SuperSaiyanKirby: Yeah. I hope he gives me back my castle!

Stelios7: Hello!

(SuperSaiyanKirby and Waddle Dee Soldier sees Stelios7.)

Stelios7: Why are you two outside in the rain?

SuperSaiyanKirby: Because... our houseguest kicked us out and took my throne! I just hope his castle gets back to normal.

Stelios7: I came to get him. His house has gotten rid of the rats. I'll go get him.

(Stelios7 goes into the castle.)

Waddle Dee Soldier: Nice?

SuperSaiyanKirby: Welcome to the insanity of "World Summit".

(Stelios7 comes out of the castle, dragging Animal Crossing Leader by the tail.)

Animal Crossing Leader: Okay, I apologize for everything I have done for these past two days!

Stelios7: Yeah, now get into the bus so that you can go home to Animal Crossing City.

(The two leaders head into the bus.)

SuperSaiyanKirby: Wow.

(Waddle Dee Soldier checks his watch.)

Waddle Dee Soldier: One second for getting into a bus! That beaten my record for getting into the bus in two seconds!

The Battle Against GhostsEdit

(The heroes are tied up to a rope and chair.)

Jappleack: You'll never get away with this!

Ghost 1: Oh, yes we will! In less than 2 minutes, all ghosts will mind-control morons like the green guy and take all the Granny Smith Apple trees in the world!

Ghost 2: Sir! The Mango is missing!

Ghost 3: Where'd he go?

Mango: Right behind you!

(Mango uses a vacuum to suck up the third ghost.)

Ghost 1: NO! Vacuums! Our only weakness!

(Mango sucks up the second ghost.)

Y-Guy: Mango! You're awake!

Mango: Yep. While they were tying you guys up, I went home to get the vacuum to suck them up!

Collector: Yes, but what will you do to free us!

Mango: Simple, really. While on my way back, I found two important people.

(Mango shows Stelios7 and Animal Crossing Leader.)

Stelios7: Luckily, we have cheese and rats!

(Mango pours cheese onto the rope.)

Animal Crossing Leader: Go rats, go!

(Animal Crossing Leader frees the rats. The rats eat the cheesy ropes and the gang is freed.)

Ghost 1: NO!

Mango: Yes!

(Mango sucks up the first ghost.)


Collector: You know what, Jappleack?

Jappleack: Yeah?

Collector: You are cool.

SuperSaiyanKirby's Living RoomEdit

(SuperSaiyanKirby and Waddle Dee Soldier are sitting on the couch with blankets. Waddle Dee Soldier has caught a bad cold.)

Waddle Dee Soldier: Do you think Stelios7 will come over to take care of us?

SuperSaiyanKirby: I don't think he'll be coming over anymore.

Waddle Dee Soldier: Do you think you could get me an ice-pack. I'm feeling really dizzy.

SuperSaiyanKirby: If I stand, I'll vomit.

Waddle Dee Soldier: I think there's a bucket under the cabinet.


Deleted Scene: MattBoo's Apple Shield HelmetEdit

This scene was during Jappleack and Collector getting to know each other but was cut.

(We see MattBoo get up with a strange helmet.)

Jappleack: Don't you ever learn your lesson?! STAY AWAY FROM MY FREAKING APPLES!!

(Jappleack throws an apple at MattBoo's head, but the helmet blocks it.)

MattBoo: Ha! You thought you could hit me again? Behold The Apple Shield Helmet 3000! Thanks to this baby, I am completely apple-proof.

(Collector throws a rock at MattBoo's helmet, thus breaking it to pieces.)

MattBoo: Oh, yeah, I forgot it's vulnerable to rocks which can easily destroy it. This stinks because I got it for a bargain and now I'm stuck with it. (Jappleack throws an apple at MattBoo) OW!

The reason why it was cut is unknown but the most possible reason is that it was cut for time. Seeing as that season box sets of SuperSaiyanKirby Adventures on DVD feature deleted scenes, this will most definitely be seen on the season 3 DVD box set.

Voice castEdit

  • SuperSaiyanKirby as himself
  • MattBoo as himself
  • Invader Rob as himself
  • Richard Horvitz as Invader Rob (when yelling)
  • IAmBagel as Y-Guy
  • Sean Marquette as Mango
  • Collector as himself
  • Dee Bradley Baker as himself
  • Frank Welker as Yoshi
  • Joe Alaskey as Waddle Dee Soldier
  • Will Ryan as Animal Crossing Leader and Ghost 2
  • Stelios7 as himself
  • Grey DeLisle as Jappleack
  • Jim Cummings as Ghost 1
  • Andre Stojka as Ghost 3


  • This episode marks the first appearances of Animal Crossing Leader and Jappleack.
  • This episode was the final episode of season 3 to air on TV. The show was up for cancellation because of low ratings that the show was suffering since "Kirby's Horrible Fate". Nickelodeon wanted to cancel the show after this episode and scrap the movie, but SuperSaiyanKirby told them to wait until the movie hits theaters. Because of the movie's positive ratings, Nickelodeon nominated the show for a Kids Choice Award, and Season 4 began quick production.
  • In this episode, a running gag is that when MattBoo appears, Jappleack throws an apple at his head.
  • Jim Cummings provided Ghost 1's voice in the episode, but Gregg Berger is credited and miskaten for the role.