April Fools Palooza! is the 154th episode of Living in the NICK House: Better Edition. Everyone pranks each other on April Fools Day. Meanwhile, Plucky's rough pranks injure the others.


Scene One: The HouseEdit

(Theme Song)

(Hamton wakes up)

Hamton: Aahhh... what a beautiful new day!

(Hamton walks to the table and gets some "Boo Berry" out. When he pours the cereal into the bowl, fake eyeballs come out. Hamton then screams. After he is done screaming, Woody comes out of the cereal box.)

Woody: You just got pranked!

(Woody honks Hamton's nose.)

Hamton: Woody, why did you do that?

Woody: Didn't you know, Lil' Pinky? It's April Fools Day!

(Hamton sighs)

Hamton: I hate April Fools Day. Everyone would keep pranking me.

Woody: Yes, but since this is the first April Fools at the NICK House, you'll be perfectly fine!

Hamton: Gee, thanks Woody! I have full confidence now!

(Woody pats Hamton's back)

Woody: Don't mention it.

(Hamton walks away. Woody then holds up a sign that says "Stupid, ain't he?" as he watches Hamton with a "Kick Me" sign on his back. A kicking is heard, as an angered Hamton with a high-kicked butt walks back to Woody)

Hamton: You tricked me again.

Woody: Well, that's the point of April Fools, ain't it?

(Woody goes off laughing. An anvil crash is heard. Meanwhile, 10 anvils are dropped on Woody's head by Plucky)

Plucky: Back at Acme Loo, I was the prank king!

Woody: i ThInK i HaVe BrAiN dAmAgE.

(Woody passes out)

Plucky: And I'll be the prank king at this house!

(Fade out)

Scene Two: Hamton's Prank ProblemEdit

Hamton: Porky, I need your help!

Porky: S-S-S-Sure, Hamton! W-W-W-What is it?

Hamton: Well, Woody pranked me again, will you help me prank him?

Porky: Okay, Hamton! I s-s-s-s-saw a cartoon one day with a c-c-c-crazy boy p-p-pulling pranks on a poor l-l-l-little b-b-b-boy!

(Hamton sighs)

Hamton: What did the little boy did?

Porky: He f-f-fighted back, p-p-pulling a prank on the boy, th-th-th-thinking there is a tiger chasing h-h-h-him.

Hamton: That's cool! And what?

Porky: The b-b-boy ran out of the h-h-h-house and n-n-n-never pull pranks again!

Hamton: Could I try it?

Porky: S-S-Sure, Hamton! But you're going to n-n-need this?

(Porky hands Hamton a tiger tail and tiger ears)

Hamton: Are you sure this gonna work?

Porky: S-S-S-Sure, it will work. Go try it on!

(Hamton in the dressing room)

Hamton: It's perfect, and it will be the perfect prank ever!

(Fades out)


  • Joe Alaskey as Plucky, Hamton
  • Noel Blanc as Porky Pig
  • Billy West as Woody Woodpecker

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